Behavior & Training


Asked by Monique Mendoza
Hi Monique, this is a common concern of dog owners – many pooches do exactly the same thing as your pup. Dogs can lick their feet when they come in from outside, to re...

Asked by Kendal
Answered by Angela
I've considered getting one of these for our german shepherd, my cousin has one for her doberman and swears it's the best thing ever for him. He's afraid of any loud n...

Asked by April Grove
Answered by Dawn Bennett, Dog Trainer in AL
First of all, I would suggest conditioning your dog to a head halter if possible.You will have much better control when this happens. A dog that pulls suddenly can cau...
Asked by Zanna
Zanna, I agree, backup is great when you're a parent but your cat doesn't sound like they're being very helpful at all. This is called “stimulus related aggression”, w...

Asked by Kim Rhoades
Hi Kim, I think the key to your dog’s behavior is this “we had a ton of people in the house and it was loud.” That can be stressful for any dog and if your boy already...
Asked by an anonymous user
Hi, interesting question and we spent some time researching this... It seems that wild dogs and wolves would dig dens to raise and protect their young. Dens provid...
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