My dog bites his tail is there anything I can do to stop it?

Asked by gloria Walshver

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Well, the first question needs to be, why is he biting his tail? Until we know that, we won’t really be able to impact on his biting.

There are several common reasons why dogs nibble at their back ends;

The first is that they have blocked anal glands. These are small scent glands positioned just behind the anus, right where the feces slides out. They are thin walled sacs filled with a watery liquid (Fun Fact - they are why dogs sniff each others bottoms!) and they should be emptied by the pressure of passing the feces. Sometimes this doesn’t happen; it could be that the dog has diarrhea or hasn’t poo’d for a while, and they become swollen with the juice, which starts to thicken. This not only makes them sore, like a zit that needs to be popped, but also makes them even harder to empty the natural way. The dog expresses their discomfort by nibbling at their bottoms or scooting along the floor. However, the problem is easily solved by visiting your vet for an anal gland squeeze.

The second is parasites. Fleas in-particular will make dogs very itchy, especially on their backs and as they can’t reach to scratch this area, they will often bite at themselves instead. Scabies, or Fox Mange, is also very irritating. In addition, some kinds of worms will make their bottoms uncomfortable and can trigger this behavior.

Another reason is that the skin around this area is sore and infected. Possibly because of one of the problems above, or because the dog has damaged the skin by messing with themselves. However it occurred, infection and inflammation will very rarely resolve without medical treatment.

So, my advice is to take your dog for an examination with your vet. It is very likely there is an underlying cause for the biting and they will be able to give you treatment for that, without which the issue is unlikely to be cured. | 07.20.16 @ 20:14
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