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Asked by Christina
It is not uncommon for a dog to behave better for one family member over the others. The reasons for this can be varied but it can be remedied by ensuring everyone spe...

Asked by Zanna
Zanna, it sounds like your bird is bonded to you and relying on you for his social interactions. There are things you can do to resolve his raucous behavior but it can...


Asked by kimsuwak
Answered by Alexandra Bassett, Dog Trainer in Los Angeles, CA
Hi, this is an interesting question! I would recommend taking your dog for long walks or hikes during the day on a longer leash to give them more freedom of movement a...

Asked by April Grove
Answered by Dawn Bennett, Dog Trainer in AL
First of all, I would suggest conditioning your dog to a head halter if possible.You will have much better control when this happens. A dog that pulls suddenly can cau...

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